Energy - Aka

quick japanese lesson; Aka means Red

a bizarrely rare energy that involves the color red. it's destructive and ... eh, read the rest

General InfoEdit

a peculiar energy. it's similar to Color Energy, except that this is exclusively red. there's also an extra effect. the power varies entirely on how the user is feeling, but it's still powerful either way. the power is very destructive and it seems to be limited to a certain family ...

aesthetic physical qualities known are ... well, being red. either wearing red clothes or having red hair. or both. typically, has a red aura

there are no immunities granted, but this grants some heavily enhanced magic power and a couple enhanced physical qualities

Known UsersEdit


a (well endowed) female reaper who goes by Aka Reaper can easily be considered as the great deity for this energy. she is immensely powerful and is completely crazy. she's much worse than the Demon Queen of the Underworld when it comes to craziness and power. in fact, she could be considered as the strongest overall reaper in the Reaper Core. and she definitely has the power (and craziness) to prove her worth ...

it is said in her history that long ago, she died from being brutally raped to death. this has actually been proven false as she doesn't get raped, but delivers rape instead. especially to her husband, Ever Reaper ....... whose virginity she took at 5. this proves that she's crazy. and her craziness has been inherited by her kids as well ... including her pitiful intelligence

it is exaggerated (and proven) that when she has her period, an entire city can be flooded with vagina blood ...

made by ChuckHD


  • all the listed known users of this energy are girls
  • with the clear exception of Msi Nimef, this energy seems to be exclusive to a certain family ...
    • however, none of them are featued in SCSIM