a special type of magic. it's very rare and hard to create artificially as many have tried and scammed others. only few were actually successful. it is a very strong offensive and defensive magic that can't be matched or negated, especially if it's innate (natural)

General InfoEdit

"Barrier" and "Repel" spelled together. it's just as it says. it's a special type of barrier that can repel any physical attack, sending it back tenfold. not only that, it grants a complete 100% immunity to any and every kind of physical attack, showing no damage whatsoever and instead, sending the damage back. it's very deadly and very rare ...

its immunity was already stated. no physical attack can ever harm a Barripel user, no matter how powerful it is

Barripel users can't harm themselves with this ability, nor can they harm other Barripel users

Known UsersEdit

  • Uta
  • Nikole Crystal


  • this ability was inspired by the Pokemon "Wobbuffet", due to the way it takes attacks and sends them back