Energy - Color

the power within this clear energy sphere can be heavily varied depending on color. cool, huh?

an odd energy that focuses on color. it's an energy made from nothing, but with color, it can be used as an attack. the stronger the magic, the stronger the energy. it's basic. or so it seems

General InfoEdit

a bizarrely unique energy that often varies due to auras and the color the user is most associated with. for example; if a Color user is wearing all yellow, then the aura the user has and the color of the energy displayed is yellow itself. the colors seem aesthetic (just for looks). and half the time, it's true. however, with stronger magic, and with certain properties (like emotion and Aura - will), the energy can grant various extra abilities

generally, enhanced magic power to properly use the energy is granted, as well as a few enhanced physical qualities. but some other abilities can also be granted depending on the circumstances ...

immunities also varie between user to user

Known UsersEdit


a man by the name of Kanashimi could be considered as a deity of this energy. he wields a special Gold Energy which grants him various abilities, such as healing, purifying, and impossibly brutal magic strength. the power thrives on his emotions since it is said that he witnessed more sadness than any human possible, and the well controlled depression fuels it infinitely to brutal heights. he's also capable of absorbing life using the Gold Energy, but that ability is rarely ever used

Kanashimi is a very responsible deity and a helpful one too, having helped certain people many times. and despite experiencing every type of sadness, he himself, isn't a depressed emo. just incredibly stoic


  • the concept for Color Energy has been around for a long time since energy types based on color were made before the full concept was created
    • this makes Color Energy, alongside Pure Energy, the first official energy class
  • Aka Energy is considered as a unique form of Color Energy