D-Jan pic

D-Jan. he's a weird bastard, isn't he?

a really weird 10 year old kid. he dances oddly, he acts oddly, and his fashion sense is odd too. he is capable of dancing every existing dance in the universe (both fact and exaggeration). he also knows capoeira, so he's capable of using his dancing to his advantage. his hair looks funny


D-Jan is very tall for his age at 5'4", although that's mostly thanks to his afro. D-Jan has mostly a "brown" theme, with a brown jacket, brown pants, dark brown shoes, brown afro, and tan skin,with a white undershirt. he always wears weird neon green sunglasses with silver rimmings


Fun loving, relaxed, and pretty goofy. D-Jan can't really be described as anything but ... D-Jan


all that is known about his past is he had some jackoff parents. this is proven as he didn't show any signs of missing any family after the Great Fire. his history just involved watching a lot of TV and being neglected. but he never got depressed


D-Jan was randomly introduced in SCSIM 26, being some mere background character. he would still be around, but he wouldn't do anything too important until the Dez fight at SCSIM 42. unlike the other kids, he, along with Faery, actually fight in the Apocalypse arc.

Lemon Dreams (Exploding Lemonade)Edit

D-Jan has had no involvement whatsoever


  • Enhanced Physical Qualities
    • Super Strength (a decent amount. enough to lift a truck)
    • Super Speed
  • Capoeira (he already knew some before taking classes during the 3 month time skip between chapters 36 and 37)
  • the ability to dance every kind of dance ever
  • Neon Energy



  • like Matsu, Reyes, and Faery, D-Jan was never planned to have existed
    • similar to Matsu, D-Jan was introduced as some random background character
  • his existence was influenced by Django (One Piece), Michael Jackson, and Shintaro Tokita (pianist of Sukima Switch .......the guy with the afro)
    • the dancing styles and the afro are what created D-Jan
  • D-Jan's imagined Seiyuu (or Voice Actor) would be Junko Noda (Young Franky - One Piece, Tatsuki - Bleach, Tashigi - One Piece)
  • D-Jan's name is like a palindrome; it sounds the same in reverse
    • however, it isn't spelled the same in reverse
  • D-Jan's name isn't pronounced as it's spelled. instead of saying "jan" after the D, "jon" is said
  • he dances everyday. there were a few times where he even danced in his sleep
    • apparently, he's a "sleepdancer"
  • the glasses he has on are based entirely on actually glasses owned by the artist
  • D-Jan, alongside Reyes, is among the original 7 junior Gracious Sins to have gained a power from the special MORF