Faery pic

weird kid, huh? is anyone else brave enough to go out with spiky pink hair?

a pink haired boy. he's a lot like Raku in numerous ways. they're horribly blunt, their strength is unimaginably amazing, they can cook and eat a lot, they're talented with various things, they have no scleras (whites of their eyes), they have blue eyes, they have an odd hair color, etc. but Faery isn't Raku. Faery is Faery. he literally weighs nothing, so due to a meeting with someone, he can manipulate Earth to control his weight. Faery isn't embarrassed to have pink hair at all


Faery is tall for his age at 5'0". he has ordinary shoes with cerulean pants and a blue shirt with a taoism symbol on it. he also wears earth bracers and anklets to control his weight, as well as a little earth necklace. Faery has blue eyes with no scleras and he has spiky, pink hair


cool, calm, and collected. unbelievably relaxed and likes fun. he's also a perv, but many others don't see him that way due to how almost expressionless he is


little is known about Faery's past. but what is known is that he is an orphan. and at some point in his life, he had met Cypher and was granted Earth Manipulation to help with his weightless problem. and also for combat


Faery was introduced randomly in SCSIM 28, being found by Fukai. he wouldn't do much until the Apocalypse arc during the Dez fight

Lemon DreamsEdit

Faery has had no involvement whatsoever


  • Enhanced Physical Qualities
    • Extreme Strength
    • Extreme Speed
  • being weightless (due to this, he's able to fly around)
  • Earth Manipulation
  • Capoeira



  • Faery's imagined Seiyuu (or Voice Actor) would be Kokuryu Sachi (Fran - Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
  • Faery shares many of Raku's skills
  • some of Faery's mannerisms are influenced from Fran from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
    • his relaxed and calm way of speaking is influenced from Fran
    • he, typically, doesn't show much emotion, despite his words
    • he's weird
    • not to mention very straightforward and blunt
  • Faery is the only human character who literally weighs nothing
    • he doesn't look like it, though ...
    • it is believed his unknown parents had a weightless trait
  • Faery is the strongest (physically and overall) among the original 7 junior Gracious Sins
  • his bracers and anklets are created from his earth. they weigh 2,000 lbs each, but Faery is able to move easily as if he had ordinary bracers and anklets, not feeling the pressure
    • the release of any of them are able to amplify Faery's, already deadly, strength