Field of View is basically, just a very large natural field far from most of Kroy Wen, hidden deep within a forest. it's a breathtaking area


it's a large, natural field with a pretty blunt and self-explanatory name. it's beautiful, grassy, trees surround it, and in one section, millions of flowers can be found. the most notable one being a very large blue flower


it is unknown how this field was discovered, who it was discovered by, or what led to its creation. all that is known is that it's hidden, as most people have never heard of or found this field. that's why there's no signs of pollution. although a great being does reside within the great nature of it all


  • Field of View is not based on any real location, but instead, based on an actual field found within numerous dreams and daydreams
  • this field was the very same unknown location where Cypher had fought Yvne
    • it's also the area Cypher resides in the most. it's the closest thing to home to him
  • it's also the same location Fukai lived in when his tribe was still alive