June pic

=w= dawwzzz ... look at her, she's adowablzzz~

the child of DooM and Julia. she's similar to both parents in many ways. June has DooM's colors (but lighter), and June has Julia's ... overall design. she's 0


June pic 2

o3o damn, look at dem big ol tittays. no bra, either. hurr hurr~

physically, she's just like Julia as a baby, except with green eyes, light brown hair, and actual clothes. she wears a simple and cute lime green dress

how she would appear older ... figure-wise, she would be exactly like Julia. pefect proportions, long hair, a prominent blush, and gravity defying tits as big, if not bigger, than her own head. her clothes, color-wise, are a reverse of DooM's repertoire. June is barefoot


she's a lot like Julia in many ways. cheerful, adorable, and horribly gluttonous. but June's temper is worse and she's not too bright either. she probably gets that from DooM since he isn't exactly a genius


born sometime before the Alpha Universe in Shay City started, June brought Julia and DooM closer than they ever were ...

DooM wanted a kid and Julia was pretty shocked from the statement, thinking about the future and other stuff ... but she agreed to it. the 2 idiots had a very wild night with all cumshots being inside. ... all 36 of them. DooM really wanted to cut all ties from Kuro ... which he did. having a kid was torture for Julia since she was sluggish and kept puking. it was made even worse when a random person who manipulated time made it so that the kid was fully developed, automatically making Julia appear 9 months pregnant. she couldn't move at all ... so DooM stayed with her in the living room and they slept there. however, her water broke while she was sleeping. Fukai, with his awesome powers, painlessly delivered June ...


June isn't involved with SCSIM in any way

Lemon Dreams (Exploding Lemonade)Edit


  • Enhanced Physical Qualities
    • EXTREME Strength
    • EXTREME Speed
    • Godly Reflexes
  • Immunity



  • June's name is a combination of Julia and DooM's name
    • although a possible name for June could've been Chelsea, but they already had a dog named Chelsea at the time
      • it could've also been "Charlie" if she were a boy
  • June's deepest and darkest fear is tentacles
    • since her kidnapping by Agent 1, she also got a fear of sharp teeth as well
      • essentially, her #1 fear would be some kind of shark-topus
  • were Azzy and Cal to exist in the Alpha dimension, June would be the middle child of DooM's kids
    • and the only girl
  • June and Kuro have never met even once