Kage pic

he's staring at you~

a carefree shadow being. Kage is often mistaken as an evil being and is often attacked, but he isn't evil at all. unfortunately, he is often attacked. and when attacked, he'll rage the fuck out. not even angels, devils, or death incarnates can withstand Kage's incredible strength. it's just THAT brutal. one punch from Kage would feel like 1,000 rhinos pumped full of steroids running over a guy. it's both massive exaggeration and fact (not sure which one is mostly, though)

he has no gender, but is treated as male. to speak, he says "kyun". "kora" when he's mad. few understand him


Kage is a shadow being. he's ridiculously tall and dark. his feet are just weird stubs, his hands are somewhat human-like, and his head is in the shape of an odd flame. his eyes glow white and he doesn't appear to hae a mouth ...


carefree and child-like. Kage is pretty cheerful and active. he's also very loyal too. but he freaks the fuck out when attacking or in battle


little is known about Kage's origin. in fact, nothing is known about it at all. not even how he met Acie. but his history probably involved being attacked by numerous random people due to misunderstandings


Lemon Dreams (Exploding Lemonade)Edit

Kage has had no involvement whatsoever


  • enhanced physical qualities
    • EXTREME Strength
    • EXTREME Speed
  • Stretching (well he's a shadow after all)
  • Darkness/Shadow Manipulation
  • the ability to do horrifyingly unsafe gymnastics perfectly



  • similar to Fukai and Mirai, Kage was, originally, a clay sculpture
    • HOWEVER, unlike Fukai and Mirai, Kage wasn't named after a song
  • Kage's imagined Seiyuu (or Voice Actor) would be Mona Marshall (dub voice for Plue - Rave Master)
  • Kage's theme doesn't match his personality, but it does match the fact that his head is like a flame
    • in fact, it moves like one too
  • Kage is the overall strongest of the Gracious Sins; having strength and speed that surpasses Raku, being immune to every physical attack, and knowing how to breakdance epicly. however, Kage is like a glass cannon
  • some inspiration for Kage came from balrogness's shadow character, Rog
  • when it comes to overall physical power, Kage is among the strongest out of anyone in SCSIM