Ketsueki ScanImage058

despite her boobs looking a bit big here, she's actually very small. less than average, actually. only reason why they look big is because she used padding to augment her breast size. o3o she says she's a B cup, but she's really an A

an unusual 13 year old girl. she's dressed like a schoolgirl, she has bizarre hair, and her energy power is among the rarest types of energy. not that much is known about Ketsueki, other than the fact that she's young, hyper, and she's jealous of girls that are gifted with large breasts


she's tall for her age at 5'5", and she's dressed mostly like a schoolgirl. she has red eyes and pretty bizarre, long hair. it's dark, but has some white strands on the top ...


bold, brash, and pretty hyper. she's a typical 13 year old. only much more jealous, more nicer, and far more blunt. in fact, her bluntness is, pretty much, equal to Raku


very little is known about her past. all that is known is that she has no parents and can fend for herself, despite her age. although, in certain parts of the country of Acirema, she's a wanted criminal since it was said that she destroyed certain cities with unbelievable power


Lemon Dreams (Exploding Lemonade)Edit

she has had little to no involvement whatsoever. but she was around when Raku first constructed the Kreep Sanctuary


  • Zero Energy (she's unable to control it. it can come emotionally, but when it comes, she doesn't remember anything)
    • Immunity (she is immune to every kind of side effect possible)
  • enhanced physical qualities (increases and increases during any Zero mode)
    • Super Strength (just enough to lift a packed refridgerator)
    • Super Speed (just enough to outspeed an ordinary car)



  • Ketsueki was created before the concept of Zero Energy, although her very existence did make hints of it, like her immunity to effects and every type of manipulative control
    • this makes her the first Zero user to ever be created
  • Ketsueki's design was heavily influenced by Yuiko Kurugaya from "Little Busters!", HOWEVER, her image was never referenced once (it was seen only once, so she was drawn by memory)
    • hence the reason why Ketsueki's boobs are "normal size" (Kurugaya has huge tits)
    • why part of her hair is white (the single pic seen had light)
    • and why she looks like a badly drawn schoolgirl (i don't need to say anything here)
    • the references are also why her theme music mainly consists of the themes from "Little Busters!"
  • Ketsueki's imagined Seiyuu (or Voice Actor) would either be Akemi Okamura (Nami - One Piece) or Yukana (C.C. - Code Geass, Kanna - Inuyasha, Shirahoshi - One Piece)
  • Ketsueki is the youngest of the Gracious Sins, excluding the kids and (possibly) Kage
  • in Ketsueki's original bio, she had a habit of biting people and being able to turn into a vampire on her birthday and on new moons. this is false
    • she does, however, like to bite people randomly
    • Ketsueki also had numerous themes in her original bio
  • Ketsueki is an expert bassist
  • in an argument, Ketsueki likes to resolve things by kicking people in the balls
  • Ketsueki has a crush on Raku