an incredibly large city where millions of people live in. it is split into 5 parts; Xnorb, Nattahnam, Sneeuq, Nylkoorb, and Netats Island.


many years ago, a largely mixed group of dimwits settled in the land, claiming the large portion, that would eventually be the city, as their own. they settled, beat each other up randomly, and thrived. and those same multi-cultural idiots wanted it to be the greatest city in the world. sadly, their dream never came true ... but Nattahman's many stores, the landmarks, and all the randomness make up for it. sort of ...


there are many different people of all races, shapes, sizes, unidentified races, genders, species, etc. residing in this city. the diversity is ridiculous. however, roughly 5/8 of the population have one thing in common; they're good for nothing jack-offs who would be better off dead.


  • the part of Kroy Wen that is showcased the most is West Xnorb (or NorthWestern Xnorb, since it's more northern), which is where just about every main character resides.
  • like all states and certain locations in this world, the names of the streets and boroughs are based on real streets and locations. they're spelled backwards.
  • The Zombinja threat started on this city. unsurprisingly, they only reside in this large city, as well as certain parts of the Kroy Wen state. and for good reason; the amount of people in the area itself can create 77 small countries. this is both exaggeration and fact.
  • Kroy Wen has constantly competed with FPSA for the title of "most undesirable city to live in Acirema".