Lapis pic 3

o3o to any perfectionists (gay fags), yes, this is really a girl, not an abomination to society

an odd 8 year old girl. she's very interesting due to the fact that her face is hideous. she and her friends; Skul, Song Lee, and Julia, were the inspiration to Msi Hcrana's school for apprentices ...

Lapis has a crush on Song Lee. she doesn't realize Skul likes her, but she has thought of herself and Skul before


Lapis is tall for her age at 5'0". her skin is fair and her hair is a long light brown. however, she's cursed with a bizarre face, featuring a large cleft chin, big lips, and stupidly simple eyes, along with an overall strange head shape

without her uniform, she wears black shoes, a black skirt, and a Carlie Cowperla T-Shirt. she also tends to wear an ordinary paper bag with a Carlie Cowperla sticker on the back to cover her face
Lapis pic 2

come on, she may look ugly but she's still cute, right? ._. right?


Lapis is pretty nice and kind. your typical good girl. however, she's very insecure about her looks due to her face. just a comment about her face can make her very sad, even enough to make her cry


Lapis was orphaned some time ago just like Skul and Song Lee. Lapis was kicked out by jackass parents who looked sexy since they didn't want an ugly child to ruin their reputation. and Lapis was only a few months old. she would be taken in at an orphanage far away, and she lived and learned there for 7 years until someone bought the building and the orphans. ... except for Lapis, who they dumped off at a dumpster in the neighborhood of Melrah. by then, Msi Lubmanmos had found her, crying, and took her in


Lapis was introduced, along with Skul and Song Lee, in SCSIM 36, being random kids. they wouldn't appear again until SCSIM 61

Lemon Dreams (Exploding Lemonade)Edit

Lapis pic

Lapis's original pic. this is what she'd probably look like at 19 ....... damn, look at dat bodeh~

Lapis has appeared here, but 11 years older than her actual age. she was mostly around just to be there. she was also in several parties and was involved with a battle against a freak named Palace


  • Gold Manipulation (making gold out of nothing and turning things into gold)
  • Earth Manipulation
  • Enhanced Physical Qualities
    • Super Strength (a good amount. enough to lift a loaded truck)
    • Super Speed (a decent amount)



  • Lapis was heavily inspired by a girl shown in Katekyo Hitman Reborn. more particularly, one of the ugly girls Longchamp dated in the manga, specifically Sanappi
    • proof of the inspiration, aside from the bizarre face and parts of her hairstyle, is her last name. it's "Sanappi" spelled backwards
  • Lapis is half White, half Niapsish (Spanish)
  • Lapis's imagined Seiyuu would be Haruka Tomatsu (Lala - To-LOVE-Ru, Yuka - Beelzebub, etc.)