Msi Ciots Msi Car Msi Das

Msi Ciots (Stoicism), Msi Car (Racism), and Msi Das (Sadism)

Odd spirits that take form by stealing human bodies and taking them as their own. each of them represent a certain ideal, or an "ism" of some sort (such as Catholicism, Terrorism, Feminism, etc.). if an "ism" exists, so will an MSI. even stupid ones that aren't meant to be actual ideals at all can have an MSI for it (such as Criticism or Somnambulism). their names are "isms" spelled backwards

Known MSIEdit

there are many, but just a couple of them are really important to the story. others are just there to be there

  • Msi Laedi (Idealism)
  • Msi Hcrana (Anarchism)
  • Msi Lubmanmos (Somnambulism)
  • Msi Larutan (Naturalism)
  • Msi Das (Sadism)
  • Msi Labinnac (Cannibalism)
  • Msi Nimef (Feminism)
  • Msi Car (Racism)
  • Msi Ciots (Stoicism)
  • Msi Frawd (Dwarfism)
  • Msi Hcosam (Masochism)
  • etc.

Religious MSIEdit

  • Msi Cilohtac (Catholicism)
  • Msi Ehta (Atheism)
  • Msi Oat (Taoism)
  • Msi Hddub (Buddhism)
  • Msi Otnihs (Shintoism)
  • Msi Iaduj (Judaism)
  • Msi Udnih (Hinduism)
  • Msi Natas (Satanism)
  • etc.


  • MSI have reputations since their ideals and influence shaped the world as it is. even among different dimensions, the deities, or in any known afterlife, they're well respected for what they've either influenced or represent
    • however, most of the MSI never actually created the ideals themselves. just influenced
  • if an MSI dies, it does not mean the ideal they represent goes away forever. they aren't expendable, so replacements for their ideals can't be created. in short; if they die, they die forever like any other human
    • however, MSI are immortals, meaning they're capable of living forever
  • MSI are capable of creating offspring
    • sometimes, those offspring can become MSI themselves, branching off from the ideal. a perfect example is Msi Xes (Sexism) and his son, Msi Nivuahc (Chauvinism)
    • their offspring, MSI or not, are also capable of living forever
  • there are 2 known MSI made from fanmade ideals; Msi Edrawdoks (Skodwardeism, in reference to the Skodwarde fad) and Msi Tselec (Celestism. apparently, the religion of bronies)
  • the representative/president/prime minister ("leader" can't be used for obvious reasons) of all MSI is Msi Laedi (Idealism) due to the MSI representing Ideals
    Rough 2073

    Msi Laedi. behold her grand breasts

    • she is most noted by her outlandish clothing
  • not all MSI stay true to their own representations