a strange type of magic involving music. it's pretty rare and is better manipulated when naturally gained instead of purchased by gay wizards

General InfoEdit

musical magic, basically. it can be used in a number of ways, making it an incredibly variable magic. the power of music can be very strong ... especially if they're from users of this type of magic

common abilities given from this magic are voice changing and musical talent, as well as hypnotism. if the magic is obtained through artificial means, it will never advance further than this

Sound Manipulation is a common magical ability to be obtained from this, as well as creating musical instruments out of nothing. the ability to control emotion is a less common ability gained from this. other magical abilities gained from this include White Magic (such as healing, purifying, augmenting, Light, and Holy Magic) and Black Magic (such as the elements, spells, summoning, Darkness, and Demonic Magic)

it's also possible to create physical weapons using this magic as well, so not all users may be special attackers

Known UsersEdit


  • this ability is named after the nickname of Demyx from Kingdom Hearts II
  • while a musical magic, it's a bad stereotype to believe all musical magic users are all users of this magic