Pinky pic

Pinky. behold, for she is pink. PINK, I TELL YOU!

a 10 year old airheaded pink girl. she's pretty cheerful and pretty naive. and she's pink. very pink. just look at her skin color, it's a light pink! she's a lot like Hali, only without the gi-normous titties and obsession over duct tape


she's of an average height at 4'7", weighing 117 pounds (which is odd since she looks "normal"). she wears red clothes, has red eyes, light pink skin, and long pink hair


she's, basically, like Hali, only without the god tier titties and the duct tape obsession. she also loves bright colors. especially pink


not much is known about her at all, really. but considering that she was on a plane by herself at 10, it's assumed that she had parents who didn't care for her


she was introduced like several of the main girls have been; crashed out of a plane. but she hasn't done anything majorly important to affect the story. she was around in some big moments, though, but just as a commentator. but like the other kids, she was put in Msi Hcrana's special "school" ...

Lemon Dreams (Exploding Lemonade)Edit

Pinky has had no involvement whatsoever


  • being very pink



  • in Pinky's original dossier, she was stated as 13 years old
  • Pinky's imagined seiyuu (or Voice Actor) would be Tara Strong (she voices everyone. Bubbles - PPG, Dil - Rugrats, Timmy and Poof - Fairly Oddparents, Rikku - FFX/X-2, Ben - Ben 10, Omi - Xiaolin Showdown, Raven - Teen Titans, Clara and Toot - Drawn Together, Ilana - Symbionic Titan, Truffles - Chowder, Juliet - Lollipop Chainsaw, Twilight Sparkle - MLP;FiM, etc.)
  • in a past RP, she took a liking to a boy named Sora, since he wore bright colors