Energy - Pure

fun fact; the "aura" sphere has been around for quite a while. read the trivia

a strong type of energy made from within. it's very pure and can purify in numerous ways. it's really just a strong raw energy from within ...

General InfoEdit

typically called "Aura" by many, this energy can purify in many matters. of all auras, this one is the most mold-able when it comes to causing damage. it can fuse with just about any type of magic, making a variety of new offensive forms, but still maintaining its purity. interesting, isn't it?

enhanced physical qualities are often granted, but not always. the energy can grant psychic powers and/or elemental powers, but it doesn't always happen. one immunity is granted, the immunity being immunity to corruption of any kind. this one, however, always happens, unlike extra powers

Known UsersEdit

known users typically have mostly blue on. although it's a horrible idea to assume all blue people have it. Acie is blue and he doesn't possess it at all


a wise and powerful man who goes by "Cool Dude" is the main deity for this energy. he's cool, calm, and relaxed. and not to mention, pure. he's an extremely smart and wise guy ... and a cool guy too. he likes helping others out and knows how corrupt people are. but with his unbelievable power and unbelievable coolness, he can help change anyone and anything. he just keeps it cool ...

unlike other deities, Cool Dude has his own apprentice of sorts. an optimistic and clumsy boy named Silphy, who's a Sky Manipulator

fun fact; Cool Dude is based on a real person


  • another name for Pure Energy is Aura
    • Willpower also has this nickname
      • as well as the spirit of a person
    • the reason it is called Aura is primarily because Pure Energy is based on the Pokemon attack, Aura Sphere. this very attack, as well as the "Pulse" attacks, are the main basis and inspiration for energy spheres
      • this makes Pure Energy, alongside Color Energy, the very first Energy Magics to be created
  • only 1 person in SCSIM has this energy