Reyes pic

Reyes the human zombinja. she looks kinda tough here, but she's really fragile. also, she's budding~

a 10 year old girl who died and came back to life as a zombinja due to the cruel amusement of the leader of the zombinjas. she's the first zombinja that can be called an ally since she's actually a deceased human soul put in the zombinja body


she's moderately average at 4'6", weighing almost nothing due to being an undead. as expected of being an undead, she has blue-green skin with a few cuts and stitches here and there (most noticeable ones being the 2 cuts on her face). she has ordinary shoes and blue pants, with a big purple shirt. her eyes are a deep cerulean and her hair is big and green. it's also puffy like an afro


she's a bit withdrawn. she isn't too social and she's pretty fragile inside. she's also pretty observant


she lived an ordinary life ... until she was killed by a certain someone and was taken in for experimenting, resulting in her state now. this was purely done out of boredom. poor girl ...


Reyes appears in SCSIM 21, playing a significant role. she was proof that not all zombinjas can be bad. in fact, some of them are really people. she hasn't fought in any major battles. like the other kids, she is forced to go to Hcrana's Academy later

Lemon Dreams (Exploding Lemonade)Edit

Reyes has had no involvement whatsoever


  • Zombinja Abilities
    • Enhanced Physical Qualities
      • Super Strength
      • Super Speed
    • Regeneration
    • Immortality (not really)
  • Water Manipulation



  • like Matsu, D-Jan, and Faery, Reyes was never planned to have existed
  • Reyes is the first example of a human zombinja
    • she's also the only good human zombinja shown
  • Reyes's imagined Seiyuu (or Voice Actor) would be the seiyuu for Elle Chivas - Zatch Bell (name is unknown, but here's a sample)
  • although Reyes has green hair, she's constantly imagined with purple hair. in homage of this, her shirt is purple
  • Reyes, alongside D-Jan, is among the original 7 junior Gracious Sins to have gained a power from the special MORF