Skul pic 3

o3o hey fucktard, black guys with blond hair and blue eyes really exist. seriously, i ain't kidding!

a short tempered 9 year old dark skinned boy. he's a pretty interesting kid. he and his friends; Lapis, Song Lee, and Julia, were the inspiration to Msi Hcrana's school for apprentices ...

Skul has a crush on Lapis and is jealous of Song Lee since Lapis likes him


he's mostly average at 4'8". he's black with white features. mainly, the blond hair and blue eyes. however, he's 100% black

without his uniform, he just has ordinary clothes, aside from the shirt with his name on it
Skul pic 2

nice skull, man


he's pretty brash and short tempered, but he also has a caring side, especially for his friends (and Lapis). he also has a jealous side too

Skul, despite his temper, is actually incredibly mature as he loves a girl (with an ugly face) for who she is inside


Skul was orphaned many years ago. both of his parents committed suicide when Skul was just 3, so he had to fend for himself ... which didn't turn out so well later on. at first, he was put in an orphanage for a while, but until he became 8, it got torn down. fortunately, Msi Lubmanmos found the young boy all by himself. Skul was the 1st orphan taken in by Lubmanmos, as Lapis and Song Lee would be taken in a bit later


Skul was introduced, along with Lapis and Song Lee, in SCSIM 36, being random kids. they wouldn't appear again until SCSIM 61

Lemon Dreams (Exploding Lemonade)Edit

Skul has appeared here, but 11 years older than his actual age. he was mostly around just to be there. he was also in several parties and was involved with a battle against a freak named [[Palace|Palace
Skul pic

Skul's original pic. he'd probably look like this at age 20



  • Bone Manipulation (he can create bones from nothing and use them as weapons, as well as his own bones. he can heal broken bones easily this way)
  • Lightning Manipulation
  • Enhanced Physical Qualities
    • Super Strength (a decent amount. enough to lift a truck)
    • Super Speed (a decent amount)



  • Skul's temper is a constant running gag
  • Skul is the first dark skinned (not tan) character to appear who isn't a mere background character
  • Skul's imagined Seiyuu (or Voice Actor) would be Junko Takeuchi (Naruto - Naruto, Lambo - Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Maka - Soul Eater, Sabo - One Piece, Mokuba - Yu-Gi-Oh, etc.)