Energy - Spectral

a single sphere can forever ruin the lives of many people ...

a horrifyingly powerful energy. this power is not to be trifled with at all, since it can destroy souls themselves. and that isn't an exaggeration either, it really can destroy souls into nothing

General InfoEdit

a terrifying energy that's nearly impossible to counter. the Spectral user, with one touch, can disintegrate his enemy into nothing. just one touch and the enemy is dead. even his soul gets disintegrated, that's how horrifying one touch from a Spectral user can be. a Spectral user can't be hit physically since that would mean instant death. and magic abilities would simply go through. even weapons are useless since they would also be destroyed. the only known weakness (other than a Zero user) is to rearrange the molecules on the spectral user's skin so the granted immunities would wear off. although actually doing it is much easier said than done. this weakness was discovered by Vector Reaper after conquering Spectral

the best way to identify a user is their skin. it's typically clear and/or see through, with small moving spectral particles within. although there's really 1 user known

the power granted is immense. typically, their physical and special attributes are boosted, but they also gain an immense immunity to physical attacks. just a mere touch will kill forever. and they don't feel the force of the attack either, so a sacrifice would be in vain. and if manipulated with great expertise, they can have an immunity to all special attacks as well, as they would just go right through the user. they really are virtually indestructable beings ...


a mad scientist was trying to discover different forms of power by using human test subjects. he made no progress, but by accident, he slipped into a bunch of his own experimental chemicals and transformed into a new being. the chemicals corrupted his mind and he became a terrifyingly powerful and evil god, capable of slaughtering the gods themselves ...

Known UsersEdit


Spectral, the original Spectral Energy user, was considered to be the main god for it. his power was terrifying and his mastery over the energy was even more terrifying. in fact, he was immune to just about anything. he couldn't be hit physically, and magic went through him. weapons were useless too. but this deity, fortunately, is deceased thanks to Vector Reaper of the Reaper Core. a legacy was left behind, though ...


  • the known users are really just 1 person
    • they have no involvement in SCSIM whatsoever
  • this energy is an artificial energy, meaning it was never made naturally
    • despite this, Natural Energy has no effect on a Spectral user if their expertise includes a magic immunity
  • the energy has nothing to do with ghosts, despite its name
    • but they can be killed pernamently from this energy