Energy - Temporal, Spacial

Temporal (Gray) and Spacial (Purple) Energy Spheres. ... kind of like Yin and Yang here, huh?

special types of energy normally found from Time Beings from the sacred and scarcely known dimension that is The Realm of Time. they're also found from many Time Manipulators and Cosmic Manipulators as well

Temporal EnergyEdit

energy taken from time itself. it's an energy that shouldn't be messed with irresponsibly. it can be manipulated in a couple ways other than attacking.

a few enhanced physical qualities are granted from this. however, there are no immunities granted

Spacial EnergyEdit

energy taken from space itself. it has variable forms and sub-forms as well. it can be manipulated in a couple ways other than attacking.

2 subdivisions of Energy, Solar and Lunar, are granted. however, there are no immunities granted

another name for this energy is "Cosmic Energy"

Known Users (of either energy)Edit


there are no gods for these energies. although the Lord of Time; Unmei, could probably be considered as the god for both energies. his power is incredibly godly and he's the ruler of the Time Sanctuary within the Realm of Time. although he doesn't consider himself to really be an energy deity likes his acquaintances; Kanashimi, Sy, Cool Dude, and Aka Reaper


  • none of the known manipulators listed are involved with SCSIM in any way
    • not even Unmei, since he and the Time Sanctuary are only known by the Reaper Core and certain people from Tekka City