Energy - Twilight

a strange energy not known by most ...

an energy that varies depending on the time of day. ... enough said, really

General InfoEdit

an unusual energy. it's a destructive energy, but the power usually varies on the time of day. at daytime, it's at its weakest. at nighttime, it's at its strongest ... especially during the evening, or "twilight"

physical traits usually include a dark purple aura of sorts

several powers are granted, including Psychic Powers (both Psychokinetic and Telekinetic), Darkness Manipulation, and Shadow Manipulation, as well as manipulating the stars themselves

a Light immunity is always granted. but with enough training, an immunity to almost any special ability can be granted. this does not always happen

the power is limited to a certain extent, but it is possible to bypass the natural limit. very few are able to

Known UsersEdit



there are few known users, but a different dimension being who goes by the name Bill could easily qualify as a deity. he surpasses the limit greatly, even being able to create a torture filled dimension using the energy and sucking his enemies within ... and then drinking their blood after ... Bill is royally messed up


  • despite this being an official energy, there are no known users at all