the idea of it is self-explanatory. it's resistance, basically. a form of defense. with a great amount of willpower, the person can withstand many things, such as damage or other effects done from an attack. Willpower, itself, is also capable of being used as an attack, if manipulated right and if the person has enough will to do so

Known UsersEdit


  • Willpower is not classified as magic, nor is it magical in any way
    • others may disagree. they can say what they want, it isn't magic
  • another name for Willpower is Aura
    • Pure Energy also has this nickname
      • as well as the spirit of a person
  • it's possible for one to have a lot of willpower, but unable to attack with it
    • Julia is an example of this, as well as Acie and numerous MSI
  • there are many different forms of attacking with Will
  • it is completely possible to imitate Hadouken using Willpower