Zombinja pic

an ordinary zombinja. notice their fashion sense and their dead eyes. sexy, huh?

Zombies with ninja-like abilities, as well as ninja clothing. they were created by the zombinja leader; Msi Hcrana. their creation was for one sole purpose; to cause chaos. there are several different types of zombinjas. Salt is a common weakness


they're basically blue, worn out, mindless animated corpses. they wear typical ninja clothes. special summoner zombinjas wear a certain red uniform, which has the Anarchy symbol on it


they're mindless zombies who desire human flesh. however, there have been certain zombinjas who have been able to think logically, aside from human zombinjas. they've been given wills


  • Enhanced Physical Qualities
    • Super Strength
    • Super Speed
  • Regeneration
  • Immortality (doesn't apply to Rachens)
  • Summoning (just a select few)


  • ordinary zombinjas - just as it says; they wear ordinary clothes and are mere foot soldiers
  • advanced zombinjas - special zombinjas that were given wills. most of newer ones have lost their salt weakness. they're able to think more and can fight better. however, they've evolved into Rachens
  • summoners - special zombinjas that can summon beasts. they have a special uniform, which consists of a red gown above the uniform with the anarchy simbol on the center. they're rarely ever seen
  • human zombinjas - special zombinjas which are really human souls put in zombinja bodies. there are few and there was even a team where


a special type of zombinja. in SCSIM 65, thanks to a lady zombinja named Rachel, and with the help of Fukai and a stupid looking device stolen by Raku that makes Rachel's development affect every other zombinja, the zombinjas with wills have been able to become more human-like, gaining qualities that make them become so, such as hair, knowledge, sense, etc. anything human. they can even reproduce like humans, as well as cross-breed with them, although this has yet to happen. they lost their salt weakness, as well as their immortality, but it isn't really worth it. they have been able to keep their other abilities, though

these new zombinjas were given the classification "Rachen" since they've fully integrated into society and shouldn't be treated like enemies. they're named Rachens after the first fully reformed zombinja; Rachel

they're similar to human zombinjas, but aren't. the only way to tell the difference is their eyes. Rachens have typical dead eyes like the other zombinjas, whereas human zombinjas have detailed eyes


  • despite their advanced abilities, they're moderately easy to beat. but that, easily, isn't the case for normal people
  • a Zombinja's main weakness is salt. their bodies can't take it. however, newer zombinjas have a resistance to this weakness. they're still able to be defeated through other means, such as beheading
  • Zombinjas, mindless or not, are able to converse with each other normally. unfortunately, they could only do it in their language, which usually consists of groaning and moaning. The Seven Sins, as well as human zombinjas, can understand this speech. same for Msi Hcrana
  • it is painfully rare for a zombinja to be vegetarian